Saturday, January 31, 2009


Here are a couple of our sister missionaries. Sometimes they can be a little pouty, but they seem to get the work done! !

Here are the assistants to the President! ! Aren't they cute???

Here we are at the last zone conference. We have just tried to embrace all of the customs here and help the missionaries remember their culture! ! !
JUST KIDDING! ! ! They are opening a new hotel across the street and these dancers were there to entertain and draw attention to the new facility. I went to take a photo of them dancing and they wanted me to pay them for the privilege of taking their photo, but I finally got to talk to the "head honcho" and bargained with him . He agreed that for the price of a copy of the photo, I could take a "group shot"! ! I gave him a 8x10, then gave little wallet sized for all of the dancers. They are a great group. I wish they would have let me take some photos of their individual costumes--they were amazing with animal skins and body paint and interesting things on their legs and around their middles. Maybe next time.
Enjoy this little taste of Africa! ! !

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