Thursday, January 8, 2009

New and released missionaries from October - December

Here are Bro. Brent and Sister Lynda Willis from Great Falls, Montana. They hardly know any French but are studying like crazy to be ready to teach. We are so grateful for their desire and attitude to be put in a foreign country. Their entry to Cameroon wasn't the smoothest -- the baggage handlers in the airport embargoed their luggage and wouldn't release it until the Willis's had paid a bribe. They didn't know French -- the young elders were outside but couldn't come in, and so they finally capitulated and paid something they never should have had to do. But this is the way it is sometimes here.

Brother Willis served as a patriarch for many years, and has received special dispensation to serve as a patriarch for the country of Cameroon. He won't be able to give blessings in French until he is sufficiently fluent, but there are a number of members who understand English sufficiently well to receive their blessing in English. Without Bro. Willis's coming, they might never receive this great blessing in their lives. So we are extra thankful for the Willis's desire to come and serve the people of Cameroon.
Elders Lee and Price arrived at the end of November. They will add to the missionaries in Cameroon and Pointe Noire. They are smiling now, but just wait!! Because all of the experienced senior companions in Cameroon will be released by the end of March, they will have to be ready to be senior companions and speak sufficiently fluent French in just 4 months. But they will be ready and will have the same great smiles.

I have procrastinated this a whole bunch, and need to show you all of the wonderful new missionaries that we have received and the ones that have gone on to the next step in their lives. Let's start with the new missionaries that we have received. These four missionaries came to Cameroon in October. Left to right is Elder Tierneden, Elder Thompson (who is actually a distant cousin), Elder Chirwa from Zambia and Elder Landress. They are great new missionaries.

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