Sunday, March 29, 2009


Look at the smiles on these guys!! That's because they've got a hot new toy that they've made -- a street racing car. Make your car, get a pushing stick, and set up races with your best friends that have made their own cars.
So -- gather up a bunch of sardine cans (the yellow and red "cockpit"), get some sticks and somewhat to attach all the body together, add some wheels that you've made, and bingo, you've created an Indy 500 racer. Get a pushing stick and you can have races with your friends. Isn't it great the imagination that kids have, all other the world??


An old friend has passed on!! And we are so sad!! You get attached to someone that you spend over 100 hours with. And it's hard to just toss it aside. We thought about cremating it, but that didn't seem right. So good-bye old friend, and thanks for all the pleasant memories you gave while waiting for late airplanes, for a mental health break every so often. Rest in Peace, and know that your "Fiendish" puzzles were exactly that.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This cute boy chased my car when I left the compound and when I returned to try to encourge me to buy this Green salamander for my dinner tonight. The guards assured me that they had eaten salamander before and that it was delicious and that I really ought to purchase this guy for dinner. Even though he was green and it IS Saint Patrick's day, I chose not to do it.