Saturday, February 21, 2009


When we arrive in Luputa, all the neighborhood kids show up--there is a primary school in the building next door and I'm not sure what kind of discipline they have, because the kids just burst out of the school and come to "play" with us! ! We do all sorts of song and action plays. We did the Hokey-Pokey and they loved it! ! Head-shoulders-knees and toes, going on a bear hunt, etc. etc. It was tons of fun, but we were sweating up a storm when we finished! ! !

If President Livingstone were posting this, he would be showing you the roads with all the small lakes that we went through, etc. and all the crazy detours we had to take and how rough the road wasl. I choose to show you what the countryside looks like. Lots of little villages with huts and lush foilage. This is truly what you think of when you think of Africa.

Elder and Sister Moon go with us to Luputa to check to see how the water project is doing.

Sr. Moon, “I just love this ride—to bump along and see the country side and the people, etc.” I don’t think it’s Elder's Moon favorite thing, but she loves it. He spent much of the time doing calculations of water flow and water pressure, etc. He is one brilliant guy! ! !

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