Sunday, October 5, 2008


Girls and women are the same all over the world. When they haven't seen each other
for awhile, and they meet again, they squeel and smile and hug each other with big hugs.
These wonderful 14 sisters are our young sister missionaries, plus 4 adult sister missionaries, plus two Congolese women who were my helpers and planners for this conference
had a wonderful day together.
We started with a yummy breakfast of Christmas quiche and fruit and muffins.
After introducing the theme, "...who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom
for such a time as this..." the story of courageous Queen Esther,
we made cute Congolese greeting cards.

Sister Barlow introduced the family health guide that the church has produced to
help African women to understand better ways to keep themselves and their
families healthy and free from disease. We are hoping that these lovely
young women will implement the principles from the book and then teach
them to their families, to their wards and neighborhoods when they
return after their missions.
After lunch, Sister Moon, President Livingstone and I spoke
about the theme of this conference.
We challenged them to be courageous like Esther in obeying the
Lord's commandments and be the pioneers that they are
in raising up a righteous generation here in Congo. I'm sure that they will.
They are amazing young women.
front row--Sisters Besolo, Nlombi, Ngandu, Mukaz, Buekazebi, Mujinga, Lukonga
Back row--Sisters Evelyn Muadi, Lengelo, Barlow, Moon, Mbessie, Mycadeau,
Kayembe, me, Gweth, Motshikana, Kakudji, Tshipamba, Ngoie.

This is Mycadeau, me and Evelyn--we planned this day together.

Mycadeau is a wonderful seamstress and she made us matching dresses! !

They are wonderful and fun and we are the three muskateers! !

We love each other and giggled a lot as we were planning this day! !


heidizinha said...

it looks like you guys had a wonderful conference. sisters conferences were always my favorite!

darcie said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love your matching dresses!