Sunday, October 5, 2008


Welcome to Elder Ritchie--from Florida.
When he arrived, his french was already great. He is laboring in a new area in
Douala that is just opened and with his trainer, Elder Neilson, they are doing a great job of
introducing the gospel in that area.

Elder Hunter comes to us from north of Salt Lake.

He is excited to be in Africa with

his trainer, Elder Archibald, who will help him

adapt to Africa and all of it's exciting

new things.

Welcome to Elder and Sister Baker from Bountiful. They had been home for a year from a mission to Romania (where they didn't know the language) and have just come to Cameroon where they are not fluent in the French language--she has had some french in school when she was a young woman. They are enjoying working in the two branches in Yaounde and with the young missionaries there. She is a gifted music teacher and is helping many in the branches to play the piano/keyboard.

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k e n d r a said...

Love the pictures! So nice to see you guys!