Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It's summer and we decided that we needed a little summer fun--actually, here is the "dry season" which is their equivilent of "winter", but we aren't letting them kid us that it's "cold"! ! It's just a little less hot than usual! !
In any case--it is time for a play day for the missionaries! !
This one was held on August 2nd at the Kasavubu chapel for all of the zones in Kinshasa.
We had one in Brazzaville the week before, and will have the one in Lubumbashi next week.
Cameroon will be soon after that! !
Here is a photo of all the missionaries after lunch.
They are full of delicious Hawaiian Haystacks and Pain Victoire.

Do these look like happy campers or what??

We divided them into three groups played lots of games in the morning--

We had some relay races, did the human knot, played fruit salad mix and the animal game.

This missionary is doing the noise and action for the monkey! !

Here are our two Assistants, Elder Kenakuta and Elder Yengo.

They thought the play day was a huge success ! !

This missionary is also playing the animal game, and I'm not sure what animal he is

making the noise and action for, but they sure had fun! !

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